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Single Pole, Breaking Capacity 6kA

Cumb20 Mcb 20a B Type
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A range of thermo-magnetic, current limiting MCBs available with B or C curve operating characteristics, which provides overload and short circuit protection. All MCBs have a positive contact status indicator, i.e. when the green window is visible this indicates that there is a 4mm contact gap. , Positive contact status indication Device capable of being locked in ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ position using a device lock Manufactured and tested to EN/IEC 60898 standards 6kA breaking capacity B Curve 20A Features:

• Stylish modern profile matches all other BG devices.

• Positive contact status indicator

• Available from 6 to 55A rating

• 6A to 55A in B curve, 6A to 50A in C curve

• Lockable toggle switch

• Large terminal capacity
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