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Single Pole, Breaking Capacity 6kA

Compact Rcbo 10a B Curve
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Our residual current devices are classified as Type AC, Type A and are as follows: Type AC – Ensures tripping for residual AC currents Type A – Ensures tripping for residual AC currents and pulsating DC currents For most applications Type AC devices are the most suitable. Where loads produce DC currents such as electric vehicle charging points then Type A RCD will need to be considered. The decision to fit Type A RCD will depend on the potential level of DC current and manufacturers data for the equipment would need to be consulted. , Compact size RCBO allowing for maximum usage of cable space within the consumer unit and easy installation Positive contact indication status Device capable of being locked in the 'ON' or 'OFF' position Manufactured and tested to EN/IEC 61009-1 standard 6kA breaking capacity Type A, B Curve 6A
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