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6 WAY with 100A Switch, 2 x 63A 30mA Type A RCD

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This range of consumer units is designed to be fully recessed into a wall or cavity. The all-metal design offers a flexible solution for the 17th Edition Wiring Regulation, Amendment 3 and is suitable for where space is at a premium or the surface mount product is not suitable. If the installation is being completed to Part M of the building regulations then the consumer units should be mounted between 1350mm and 1450mm above floor level. This is to increase the accessibility of switch toggles but also to keep it out of reach of young children. This is to increase the accessibility of electrical equipment. It also states that the equipment must not be located in a position where it can be damaged by impact. Depending on the size of the dwelling and location of the installation a flush mount, fully recessed consumer unit may be appropriate. Available in 16 or 22 module sizes, these consumer units are unpopulated dual RCD boards with 1x 80A 30mA RCD and 1x 63A 30mA RCD. A wide range of BG devices can be fitted into the consumer units. Each cover has the capability for barrel lock installation and is fitted with a cover lock blank as standard. The CUA15 barrel lock is available separately, Dual RCD units supplied with optional High Integrity as standard Each consumer unit supplied with spare cover blanks Terminal and busbar design provide maximum flexibility for a combination of protected or unprotected circuits Lockable covers also available, see accessories section
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